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Do not tearing scalp shampoo

by Administrator

Many people in the shampoo, likes hard to grasp the scalp with nails, always thought Push the larger, more clean hair wash. This idea is wrong. In fact, with sharp nails could easily lead to damage to the scalp surface horny, but also cause more dandruff. The correct way is in the wet hair, the first fall in the hands of the right amount of shampoo, Qingcuo look, add a touch to the hair. Shampoo should focus on oil secretion hair, gently massage the scalp with your fingers belly. Note should be thoroughly cleaned after washing, ensure without leaving a slippery thing. Process dry hair is also very important. Normally, we always love over and over again with a dry towel to rub wet hair, wet hair and sometimes beat, I hope some of competent hair faster. However, the hair root after immersion in hot water and massage, blood circulation, the pores open, so we roughed up, hair is easily pulled off. Expert advice: After the hair wash, towel dry with a large water siphoning off as much as possible on the hair after using a large comb gently comb, then air dry. If you need to use a hair dryer, you should use the "soft profile" than ten centimeters from the hair, the hair dryer.

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